Professor Mustafa Abba Library, Federal College of Education, Yola

Librarians at F.C.E. Yola Library respond to questions submitted to Ask-A-Librarian. Usually a response will be sent to patrons e-mail within 24 hours, response time however depends on when a question is received. Reference librarians check the e-mail service several times during the library's working hours. F.C.E. Yola Library hours of operation are posted on the library's Web site.
As an academic library, our primary role is to promote information literacy by directing our clients to authoritative sources of information and teaching them how to use those sources.
Online reference services at F.C.E. Yola Library are primarily provided for the F.C.E. Yola community and will often refer users to electronic resources requiring F.C.E. Yola authentication (user name and password). These electronic resources are available remotely from F.C.E. Yola Library website.
Librarians at AUN Library will not respond to vulgar, offensive, or harassing e-mails, such emails will be deleted without a response.
A high level of confidentiality is maintained in keeping with ALA's Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records (1986) and Policy Concerning Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information About Library Users (1991). F.C.E. Yola Library staff will not respond to any informal request by a third party for personally identifiable information about any library user. Such information includes reference interviews and e-mail requests for information.

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